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A message from the campus:

Greetings from Southwest Georgia Technical College!

We are pleased that you have selected Southwest Georgia Technical College for your college experience.  

Here are some Tech Facts for you!



Spring Semester 2015


Classes Begin:  January 6, 2015


New Student Orientation:  December 11


New Student Advisement/Registration:

November 24 - January 5


Late Registration:  January 6 - January 12



Summer Semester 2015


Classes Begin:  May 18


New Student Orientation:  May 5


New Student Advisement/Registration:

April 15


Late Registration:  May 18 - May 26



Don't wait to get your admissions application

& official transcripts sent to our office as

soon as possible. 


Admissions Priority Deadlines

Spring Semester 2015 is October 30, 2014

Summer Semester 2015 is March 23, 2015


Our goal is to process all admissions applications & change of major applications that we receive.  Therefore, it is extremely important that you get all of your admissions information in to us as soon as possible.



***Very Important Financial Aid News***

Priority Financial Aid Deadlines:


Spring Semester 2015: October 30, 2014


Summer Semester 2015:  March 2, 2015


Don't delay in getting your financial aid

completed now!




All new SWGTC applicants, who have not already paid an application fee before, will be assessed a $20.00 application fee as soon as

we receive this completed online admissions application - 

No Exceptions! 


***SWGTC's Admissions Office is open***

Monday - Thursday

7:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. 


Please feel free to contact us @

229-225-5060 to check on

your admissions status anytime during office hours.


Last updated: 11/5/2014 12:54PM PST

Admission Procedures

  • Please fill out the online application as thoroughly as possible. When you are finished, click the 'SUBMIT' button on the left column of any application screen. Print the application agreement statement that appears after you submit the application. Mail the application agreement statement with a nonrefundable $20 application fee to the address below. (Fees are waived for reapplications.)

  • All sections of the applications must be complete.

  • Request that official transcripts (high school, GED, college) be mailed to the address below.

  • Contact the Admissions Office at (229) 225-5060 or info@southwestgatech.edu to set up an appointment to take the admissions exam or present SAT or ACT scores that are not more than five years old.

  • Contact the Admissions Office if you do not receive communication within two weeks after you return an application.

  • Contact the Admissions Office if you have a disability or handicap that may require you to receive special assistance.

  • Apply for financial aid as early as possible.

Contact Us

Southwest Georgia Technical College
Admissions Office
15689 U.S. Highway 19 North
Thomasville, GA  31792

Telephone: (229) 225-5060
Fax number: (229) 227-2666
Website: www.southwestgatech.edu
E-mail: info@southwestgatech.edu


To complete this online application, type your answers in the corresponding fields or select your answers from the popup lists (where applicable).

After you complete a screen, click the NEXT button at the bottom or on one of the sections listed on the left column to move to a different screen. Before you are allowed to jump screens, we will inspect your data on the current screen for errors or inconsistencies. If errors or omissions are found, you will be returned to the screen to correct your answer(s). Otherwise, your data will be saved and you will proceed to the requested screen. We also allow you to skip to another screen without your new data being saved. Be aware that if you use the Skip & Jump function on the left column, data on the current screen will not be saved and will have to be reentered prior to submittal.

Once you have completed the application, click the SUBMIT button located on the left column to submit the application.

Click here if you have any technical questions or need assistance with this online application.

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