Financial Aid Applications

Georgia's online application for most grants and scholarships administered by GSFC. Use GSFAPPS for:

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) which determines eligibility for all federal financial aid programs.



The CSS PROFILE is required by many private colleges and universities to determine your eligibility for non-government financial aid such as the institution's own grants, loans and scholarships. Please check with the institution you are attending to determine if you are required to complete the CSS PROFILE.

Service cancelable loans are financial aid loans that can be forgiven if you work in certain career areas. For more information and applications on service cancelable loans, see Service Cancelable Loans.

There are many scholarships and grants available. For information and applications, see Find Scholarships.

Taking college courses while in  high school? Then check out the Move On When Ready program which helps cover the cost.

If you've borrowed a large amount of money or borrowed from multiple lenders and are having problems making monthly payments, then the Federal Consolidation Loan may be a good option for you.

GSFC is not offering consolidation loans at this time. Please contact another lender for assistance with consolidating your student loans.

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Complete Student Loan Counseling via Mapping Your Future. Your are required to complete entrance counseling prior to receiving student loan funds.